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Founded in 2016, Zhejiang Huachuang Vision Technology Co., Ltd. (Huachuang Vision) is the world′s leading manufacturer and solution provider of collaboration communication products with audio and video technology as the core. In 2020, Hitrolink, the overseas brand of Huachuang Vision was established, which owns a comprehensive range of products including USB Camera, Conference Camera, Mic & Speaker, Interactive Whiteboard, Conference Reservation System and Video Conference System etc. We also provide solutions for different-sized rooms that covering industries of business, education, healthcare and social activities.

As a global brand, Hitrolink is committed to make use of digital capabilities to build a conference ecosystem, help every individual and organization to embrace the power of "efficient communication, easy collaboration, high productivity", and ultimately achieve our mission of "make communication & collaboration beyond distance".


Enhancing Productivity through Technology,
Creating Better Life with Action.

    With audio and video technology as the core, promote the interconnection of all things and create a better life together. Continue to explore more intelligent applications of digital humans and Metaverse.
  • 2022

    Introduce hundreds of millions of dollars in strategic equity investment. Passed CMMI5, the highest level of software maturity certification in the world. Combined with our R&D strength, quickly released confidential conference products and solutions.
  • 2021

    Successfully shortlisted in China Mobile's cloud video product library and released home terminal products to lay out the home market. Release the overall solution for intelligent conference rooms.
  • 2020

    Assisted China Telecom in building the Tianyi cloud conference platform, serving tens of millions of customers. Enter the overseas market with conference peripheral products as the starting point.
  • 2019

    Launched XT500, the 4K PTZ video collaboration terminal, then we have an end-to-end full 4K video solution. Released AI smart conference service products to make communication and collaboration more convenient.
  • 2018

    The 4K mini video collaboration terminal TS1500 was released to improve the 4K integrated solution for small venues.
  • 2017

    Zero Distance Cloud Conference was launched, finished video architecture upgrade of“Cloud + Terminal”. Released the MCU server 95 series supporting 480-party concurrency, its performance is still very strong in the single hardware industry.
  • 2016

    Zhejiang Huachuang Vision Technology Co., Ltd. was founded.
R&D Innovation
  • 50%+
  • 130+
  • 37+
    Video Conferencing System
  • Member of Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee,
    National High-Tech Enterprise,
    Innovative SMEs in Zhejiang Province
  • ISO System,
    Information Security System,
    CMMI5 Assessment ,
    Enterprise Intellectual Property Management System